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MONEY Questions is a resource which can provide with a great variety of MONEY related information. From Investing 101 to goverment documents to legal terms.

Mortgages: Top 10 Questions and Concerns

1. Residential mortgages in Canada the history and current environment.
2. What happened in the U.S. regarding mortgage-backed securities? How did it affect the world economy and how will it unfold in the future of the Canadian condo, housing and commercial real estate markets?
3. The current residential real estate market in Canada.
4. Down payment: how can I get a down payment and how can I qualify for the best mortgage rate available?
5. Prime rate chart...5-year vs. Variable Rate...the clear winner? Know exactly when and if you should lock in your mortgage. Who knows the answer better? The Mortgage Broker.
6. What you need to know as a first time home buyer in Canada.
7. Mortgage Life Insurance - the truths and misconceptions of you and your life insurance.
8. What do I have to know about my mortgage and how small do I have to read?
9. Why you should know, understand and monitor your mortgage?
10. Mortgage Broker vs. the Big Banks and the Top 10 Questions to ask your Mortgage Broker.


More Top 10 Questions and Concerns:
• Cash Management
• Education Funding
• Estate Planning
• Financial Planning
• Insurance
• Investments
• Retirement Planning
• Tax Planning





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I have twin boys, fraternal, who are 10 years old.  One is a saver and the other a spender.  My eldest (by a minute) has saved $400 while his brother has a mere $90.  My youngest told me the other day he wanted to buy a Kindle on Kijiji for $80 because he could afford […]

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